For Child

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0 - 18mths . unisex
white, pink, blue, black
Kid Polo Tee
6mths - 10yrs . unisex
white, pink, blue, light yellow, red, black

Spaghetti Tee
6mths - 6yrs . for girls
white, pink, hot pink

Girl Puff Sleeve Tee
6mths - 12yrs . for girls  white, pink, red, black

Lap Tee
3mths - 18mths . unisex white, red, pink, blue, black

Girl Short Sleeve Tee
12mths - 4yrs . for girls
white, pink

Tank Top
3mths - 6yrs . unisex white, pink

free size . unisex
white, pink, blue, light yellow
Short Sleeve Tee
12mths - 6yrs . unisex
white, medium blue

Long Sleeve Tee
12mths - 2yrs . for boys white/black
Ruffle Tee & Shorts
0mths - 2yrs . for girls white, pink
3mths - 8yrs . for girls
white, pink

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