Happiest moment photo contest

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Happiest Moment Photo Contest Winners:
1st Prize: Contestant C24
2nd Prize: Contestant C22
3rd Prize: Contestant C8
4th to 10th Prize: Contestants C18, C21, C27, C20, C25, C14, C17

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Congratulations to all our winners! 

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Vote for C1
The Sim Family
Vote for C2
Baby Chloe's First Birthday
Vote for C3
Jaden's Family
Vote for C4
God Bless Baby Winston
Vote for C5
Jayden is ONE photoshoot
Vote for C6
Arielle Lim
Vote for C7
I'm a Little Princess
Vote for C8
Princess Reanne
Vote for C9
Baby Isabelle
Vote for C10
A Racing Birthday
Vote for C11
The Happy Royal Family
Vote for C12
We're the Royal Family! :)
Vote for C13
Happie Family!
Vote for C14
Our Blessed Family
Vote for C15
Happy Family!
Vote for C16
All Mommy Wanted Was A Cuddle!
Vote for C17
Prince Marcus
Vote for C18
Princess in her First Ballerina Tutu
Vote for C19
Enjoying every bit of the Royal treatment!
Vote for C20
Happy Lo Family
Vote for C21
Smiling Aeqil Daanish
Vote for C22
The JOO's Family
Vote for C23
Sweet Little Princesses
Vote for C24
Our Little SunShine!!!
Vote for C25
Ballerina Hana
Vote for C26
My 2 Precious
Vote for C27
Shermaine - Our Darling Princess
Vote for C28
Priceless Moment for Sweet Memories

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