Classic Polo

Personalised unisex classic polo tees in a comfortable cutting. 100% cotton.

Great For

* Couple/family tees (perfect with our kid polo tee)
* Photoshoots, birthday parties, special occasions
* Gifts (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, x'mas)
* Family outings, friends gatherings, games and more!

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Note: The actual proportion of the embroidery and the apparel may vary slightly depending on the size. Picture shown in design workspace is based on a size S tee.

Size Chart
Size Chest Width Length
XXXS 42cm 58cm
XXS 44cm 60cm
XS 46cm 64cm
S 48cm 67cm
M 51cm 72cm
54cm 75cm
XL 57cm 79cm
XXL 62cm 83cm

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